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About noKee Locks

Security has been a concern of paramount importance to humans. Thanks to recent technological development in security involving a wide range of software and hardware solutions including web based security, biometrics and integrated security levels. One of the game changing concept of digital-technical development has been the introduction of biometrics into security.
Similarly, so far perception of `lock’ was only as a mechanical product or as door accessory with the customer. But since some years, this product `lock’ has evolved into a high value digital product incorporated with revolutionary security access solution and features of biometrics and networking.

noKee's Vision

With this vision and our commitment we aim to offer our customers a comprehensive solution for lock management, inclusive of security and ease. Making Access without key and controlled and equipped with mobile encryption, Bluetooth application, providing safety to our loved ones and property by multiple dynamic access authentications.

Opening a new era in intelligent life, we aim to become a leading company in digital door lock solution. In pursuit of fulfilling our vision we introduce noKee. Range of products are finger print door locks for villas and residences, apartments, hotels, glass doors, drawers.


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